Hi. I'm Shena.

I’m here to help you simplify your dietitian practice, learn to bill insurance, and develop some ninja blogging skills.

About Me

I’m Shena. I’m just your regular dietitian who’s been running a private practice for about a decade. 

My biggest asset to you is I spent a LOT of time at the beginning of my private practice journey doing a LOT of shit wrong (AKA, trying to be as cheap as possible as a new practice owner!) While I took the long way around, I’m here so you don’t have to! 

My favorite hobbies include eating chocolate chip cookies, helping people with eating disorders heal, and riding my longboard. 

I spend way too much of my free time nerding out to the nuances of insurance billing so my clients can become billing rock stars without the headache.

I Want To Help You.....

Become so freaking excited about the services you’re here to offer the world that you’re ready to do backflips down the street while chanting about how you help people.

Or you know just… do normal people stuff (alternative options if you’re not a skilled backflipper) like: 

  • Market with confidence to physicians
  • Feel confident as a media expert
  • Develop a global presence of your services
  • Get paid (because that’s actually really important for business owners)
  •  Network Network Network! 

As Seen IN

I Can Help You

Streamline and simplify everything private practice, marketing, and SEO

Private Practice
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Basic Business Structure Guidance
  • Biz Mindset
  • Getting Clients
  • Niching Down
  • Office Space/Virtual Space
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Brand Authority
  • Website Structure
  • Media Features
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Calanders 
  • Backlinking
  • Digital Products
Insurance Credentialing
  • NPI
  • Insurance Contracting
  • Billing/Coding
  • Services Covered
  • Working across state lines
  • Superbills/secondary claims

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What My Clients Say

Shena has been a wonderful business coach! She was the first person to give me honest and constructive feedback on my website and the message that I was trying to put out in the world.  She is a great resource for insurance questions and getting started with blogging, and she taught me a lot about how to find my provider referral network. 

Sarah Rae, RDN

Shena is an absolute wealth of knowledge. She has the lived experience to help you build the practice of your dreams. 

Roxanne Laush, MS, NBHWC

I didn’t realize all of the things I didn’t know when it came to running a successful blog.  I wish I had started with Shena day 1 to save myself years of time in the blogging world!

Sheri Powers, RD